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Our company focuses on the manufacturing of specialty Douglas Fir wood products. At our Bozeman, Montana facility we operate an 18,000 board foot capacity dry kiln, and have over 9,000 square feet of drying sheds and covered storage. Our emphasis is on architecturally dry lumber.

We meticulously grade and dry all of our authentic circle sawn fir flooring blanks. Our authentic circle sawn fir flooring blanks are kiln dried (KD) to 6-9% moisture content. These same KD flooring blanks (rough boards) have many uses: circle sawn or smooth mouldings, door stock, paneling and other applications where little to no shrinkage is critical.

We kiln dry all of our band sawn boards down to 9-10% moisture content which is critical for interior paneling, ceiling deck and sidings.

We offer discounts on complete home packages: beams, siding, flooring, paneling and trim. Ans we deliver!


Authentic circle sawn fir flooring. Also available in circle sawn, skip planed or smooth. 1x4″, 1x6″, 1x8″, 1x10″ or combinations for a random width plank floor.

We also stock 1x4″, 1x6″, 1x8″, 1x10″, & 1x12″, readily available in 8′ thru 16′ foot lengths — Standard and better Circle Sawn Rough Dry Fir boards. These are great for board and batt, board on board siding, shiplap or T&G (tongue and groove) soffit applications.

Band sawn boards are kiln dried to 9-10% moisture content. These boards can be used as is or we offer them in many patterns. These patterns include: T&G (tongue and groove) square edge, T&G V-edge, T&G micro-bevel, shiplap, shiplap with gap, channel rustic, droplap, and interior moulding profiles.  Patterns can be run with original band sawn face or surfaced smooth.

Sidings are available in thick butt bevels, droplap, and natural log edge and more.

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